In our independent distillery & winery we create unique products with passion and love for details. We are driven by the vision to establish the German craft spirits category "Weissbrand®" all over the world.


Meet the Founders

by The World Sip – Episode #01

Impressions of the distillery

by Philipp Marquardt


Our Craft Spirit Process


"Shit in. Shit out."
This is because we put a great value upon the premium base material. We create the basis for BIRDS with Riesling from the Moselle that is distilled with consideration, as a first step. Here, we take great care that only the 'core' (middle run gets separated from free run and tail) is preserved. Therefore the yield is about 10% of the initially used amount of wine after distillation.


Following an initial distillation we set a macerate in the copper still. The macerate consists of the resulting wine distillate (with ca. 75 percentage by volume) and culinary specialities from all 5 continents. Four days and nights after the botanicals (fruit, herbs and spices) have released their flavors in the distillate it is all set for the next step.


The aromatically macerate is being distilled gently again. The slower the heat in the still increases the more valuable flavors can be retained. After the burning process the distillate has about 71 percentage by volume. The 'core' is being preserved exclusively here as well.


Finally, the brandy matures 3 months in ventilated stainless steel barrels until it fully unfolds its flavors. Subsequent to the storage period BIRDS is regulated to the perfect drinking strength of 42,2 alcohol by volume with soft spring water and bottled by hand in small batches.